How do I set up a fundraiser?

  1. Login to your account. 
  2. Find a project you wish to support and select Start a Fundraiser. 

    If you are having troubles selecting a project or want to fundraise to the general cause, go to Get Involved and select Fundraise

  3. Select a title and Fundraising purpose
  4. Select a Target Date and Fundraising Goal and fill out your Fundraising Details. 

  5. Publish Fundraiser and share by using social media or by inviting your supporters via email.
  6. You can also invite a contributor if you would like help posting, editing your page. 

We’ve put together a guide to share with your supporters and grassroots fundraisers. It walks through the steps of how to set up their Fundraiser page, as well as offer a few basic tips on how to fundraise (what to write in their posts, who to pitch to first, and how to go about the dreaded ask).  

 Click the PDF here for a guide on how to run a successful fundraising campaign.

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