How do I log cheque donations for fundraisers?

Processing a cheque donation is a two part process. The first part involves logging the cheque details and donor information. The second part, involves updating the cheque's payment status from when the cheque has been received to when the cheque as been successful processed and approved.  
PART I: How to log a cheque donation on behalf of a fundraiser
  1. Login as a site administrator
  2. Go to the Donate page 
  3. Under Payment Details select the Cheque option 
  4. Proceed to fill out the rest of the Payment Details

PART II: How do I process a cheque donation?

Once a cheque donation has been made, as a site administrator, you will need to update the Payment Status of each cheque donation; marking each one from Pending, Received to Approved. For a guide on how to do this please click on How do I process a cheque donation?

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